The AMIGO Platform –
Your SAP Consulting Practice’s All-In-One Client Delivery Solution

Have Complete Visibility To Every Project across your entire SAP Practice!

Everything you need to lead in one Application.

With AMIGO at your side:

Accelerate Client Delivery

Have all of your firm’s standard SAP documentation templates, business process decompositions,  methodology, accelerated configuration documentation, standard rules & requirements, test plans, RAID management accelerators, etc. all preloaded and integrated within your AMIGO environment.

Reduce Your Risk

Through automating the approval process throughout your SAP implementation, you have an immutable audit trail of everything that takes place on your client SAP implementation.

With AMIGO’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) messenger as your implementation guide, identify and remedy disconnections between your teams and resources before they occur, so you can stay on track to meet your completion deadline.

Improve Gross Margin

Reduce your Program, Project and administrative expense with the power of AMIGO’s single source of truth.

Through our integrated RACI engine, keep your teams connected around the world real-time, allowing you to better leverage near and offshore resources.


With Complete Visibility Across your SAP Practice

Have Executive oversight on every client engagement within your SAP practice.

Have the ability to drill down to the root cause of every situation; allowing you to know the problems that are upcoming before your client does and preventing them from happening.

You’ve been chosen to lead and grow your organization’s SAP Consulting Practice, but… digital transformation guide

  • Your Customer Satification feedback is not good.
  • Your current overall gross margins are not where they need to be.
  • You have several SAP intiatives “in crisis” mode.
  • You have limited visibility to what is going on across your SAP Practice Portfolio.
  • There is a lack of consistency on how SAP projects are run across your practice, leadining to inconsistent delivery results.
  • You have limited differentiators to beat your competition.

The AMIGO Platform

The only software with more than 25 Years of SAP Project/Portfolio and Implementation Delivery management experience included to help you:

Analyze, organize, and make sense of every client SAP initiative within your SAP Practice all under one roof!

  • Proactively address challenges with your Delivery Executives before they arise.
  • Standardized metrics across your SAP practice for quick assessments.
  • Go from Executive Overview to detail project work details within five clicks
  • Provide your implementation teams a 24/7 SAP transformation guide for consistent delivery.

With AMIGO, the Data Don’t Lie!

Reduce those challenges by having a single source of truth for every project, for every client within your SAP practice.  Remove the subjectivity on the statuses of your SAP intiatives and follow the data to truly assess the health of each of your initiatives.


AMIGO & Inspire Planner
A Survival Guide To Leading An Enterprise Digital Transformation

Your guide to SAP Project Profitability

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With AMIGO as your helpful guide you will:

Be Prepared

Lead Well


Have the PPM and Implementation Delivery software you need to lead your SAP Practice and consistently deliver value to your clients, as well as your fellow Consulting Firm Leaders.

Have happy, informed, and unified Delivery Executives, Project Teams and Clients.

Have your SAP Practice  working from the same playbook to deliver consistent client value in a calm, organized, systematic, and methodical way.

Deliver the value promised to your clients leadership after successfully completing their SAP implementations on time, within budget and providing the economic value you promised during your business case. 

All while improving your client satisfaction and profitability metrics!

“AMIGO provided all the tools and resources I needed, all within one application, to effectively lead our digital transformation. Plus AMIGO’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game changer. It’s like having a digital transformation guide at my call 24/7.” – T.Y.

Align Your Strategy And Deliver Your Client Implementations, Profitably,  All In One Application.

Three Steps To Improve your SAP Practice

Schedule A Discovery Call

We’ll discuss with you your current challenges within your practice area and, together, determine if AMIGO can help you solve those challenges.


We have developed an exciting new program for SAP Consulting Practice executives where you can use AMIGO for your client implementations FOR FREE!

Celebrate Your Success!

Complete your client’s SAP implementations on time, within budget and harvesting the value you promised them during your business case presentation.  All while improving your firm’s gross margins.  

AMIGO: Accelerate Your Implementations
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We get it. Leading an SAP Consulting Practice is hard!

Leading an SAP practice within your consulting organization is extremely stressful. But with AMIGO as your experienced guide, you can lead with confidence knowing AMIGO always has your back helping you consistently deliver exemplary value to your clients.

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We know that you want to be known as an SAP Practice leader who can grow your consulting practice, deliver exemplary value to your clients and provide greater profit margins to your firm.  In order to do that, you need to lead your SAP practice to get them to where you want them to go. 

The problem is that getting an entire SAP practice to align to your vision  is  incredibly complicated. Making you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and sometimes, alone.

We believe you shouldn’t have to lead alone!

With AMIGO as your helpful guide, you can transform your SAP Delivery Organization to one that consistently delivers their client SAP initiatives on time, on budget and with all the value you promised them during your business case presentation.  And you can do this consistently for every project, for every client within your entire SAP practice. 

We understand the challenges and obstacles you face as an SAP practice leader. Which is why we created AMIGO. Enabling you to consistently, methodolically, and systematically deliver client value and provide you a single source of truth in which to run your client delivery services. 

AMIGO was developed from over 25 years of experience helping clients implement complex SAP implementations while saving millions in reduced time, risk, and budget. AMIGO helps you deliver your client’s SAP initiatives on time, on budget, and with all the promised value when starting.

Here’s how we do it:

We call it the – 3 Steps To Success Plan!

Step 1: Schedule A Discovery Call.

We’ll  discuss your current pain points within your practice area and determine (together) whether or not AMIGO can be a solution to remove those pain points.

Step 2: Use AMIGO FOR FREE for your client implementations

We have developed a special incentive for SAP Consulting Practices by giving you AMIGO FOR FREE to use for your client implementations.  Now there are some terms and conditions to this offer that can be discussed during our discovery call.  Once you have mastered AMIGO we’re confident  you’ll understand the value offered from reducing implementation costs and helping you deliver your client’s implementations with all the value they anticipate, and your consulting practice all the profit desired.

Step 3: Celebrate Your Success

Complete your client’s SAP intiatives on time and within budget while harvesting the value your clients expect. Forever known as the SAP Consulting Firm who could get the job done.

Schedule A Discovery Call. And in the meantime, download this FREE PDF – “The SAP Consulting Practice Guide to Skyrocket Project Profitabilty!” 

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Of Enterprise Digital Transformations End In Failure

Don’t become a statistic.

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