AMIGO by Platinum PMO

AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and business functions a company needs to deliver their enterprise digital transformation initiatives on time, on budget, and with the value promised in their original business case.


Nothing provides better ROI than being able to determine what your forecasted return on investment will be before you even start the program. With AMIGO, not only do we provide the capabilities to build a bullet-proof business case with all the cost-benefit financial analysis you need, but we take it many steps further by integrating the business case into the program implementation itself so that you can design it into the business case the people, processes, technologies, and data that will make or break your business case. AMIGO also provides the ability to track the actual benefits obtained by your implementation to verify that you achieved the benefits for which you sought at the beginning of your program.

Benefit Tracking

This module provides a program-level financial model within the AMIGO platform. Creating a benefit, defining the type and description of the expected benefit will provide clarity within the business case of the program. Associating the business process, deliverable, and strategic datum is a level of intricacy that the AMIGO platform provides. 

Benefit Tracking Details

This module is the how and why of tracking the defined benefits within the AMIGO platform. Associations to program financials, specific benefits, allows for the definition of and timeline of the measurements expected to be adhered to. 

Cost Tracking

Creating a record within this module is a leap forward in allowing for clarity of costs associated with a specific program. Costs are one of the hidden impediments that can derail initiatives and decimate budgets. The AMIGO platform associated individual costs directly, and succinctly, thus creating a better financial view for key stakeholders. 

Cost Tracking Details

This module associates specific details of a cost, that is tied to a cost record, that cascades into a program financials dashboard and or overall program documentation within the AMIGO platform. This brings the estimates versus actuals further into a clear view for key stakeholders. 

Program Financials

This module is the bucketing of all the previous modules into the proper channel to provide your leadership with the overall business case financial assessment with the ability to drill down into the details should they desire. Now, this type of data can be very sensitive.  So, AMIGO can apply sensitive data indicators to this information (and many other areas of sensitivity throughout your program). This ensures that the data can only be seen by those individuals or groups that are allowed to see it, thus providing data security standards compliance. The AMIGO platform is first and foremost about governance. 


A deep bench application with integrated documentation, workflow approvals, change notifications, and audit compliance for a stronger program or project governance.

Integrated Organizational Transformation Management

Benefits Realization Management

Integrated Audio & Video Instruction

Artificial Intelligence (For Identifying Potential Problems)

Integrated Methodology

Integrated Test Management

Application System Management

Portfolio Management

Integrated Critical Chain Program Planning

Resource Allocations Planning

Integrated Traceability Matrix

Integrated RACI data

Integrated Skype Voice Communications

Integrated Communications Management

Integrated Scope & Change Control Management

Release Schedule Management

Program Financial Management

System & Business Process Capture

Requirements & Field Mapping Catalog

Integrated Time & Expense Management

Integrated RAID Management

Sales Opportunity Management (For Consulting Companies)

Integrated Data Governance Management

Integrated Data Validation Management

Integrated Data Cleansing Management

Integrated Source To Target Mapping for Data Conversions and Integrations

Deployment & Cutover Execution Platform

Auditable Approval Management

Integrated Content Management

Integrated Defect Management

Integrated Business Process Flow with integrated Job Roles

Integrated Help Desk Management

Integrated Mobile App