AMIGO by Platinum PMO

AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and business functions a company needs to deliver their enterprise digital transformation initiatives on time, on budget, and with the value promised in their original business case.


Planning is not just the overwhelming firehose of documentation that transpires within large-scale initiatives. It also is intricate, and sometimes more visual-oriented in creating the exhaustive roadmap for the foreseeable future. This is why the AMIGO platform has integrated the Inspire Planner app.

Test Plan

This is a project-level module in which the overarching plan (think in terms of a folder or bucketing of other information sets) in which the multi-faceted, full-lifecycle plan exists. 

AMIGO Planner
The culmination of AMIGO and Inspire Planner allows for the Gantt charting, task dependency management, and resource allocation management to synchronize directly with the overwhelmingly detailed AMIGO platform. See and build out your dependencies with ease, while they are cascaded back into AMIGO in real-time.

Both apps are built on the Salesforce platform, so it is easily integrated with any existing Salesforce Org or can be spun up into a separate AMIGO Org (as the Inspire Planner is integrated within the AMIGO platform).


A deep bench application with integrated documentation, workflow approvals, change notifications, and audit compliance for a stronger program or project governance.

Integrated Organizational Transformation Management

Benefits Realization Management

Integrated Audio & Video Instruction

Artificial Intelligence (For Identifying Potential Problems)

Integrated Methodology

Integrated Test Management

Application System Management

Portfolio Management

Integrated Critical Chain Program Planning

Resource Allocations Planning

Integrated Traceability Matrix

Integrated RACI data

Integrated Skype Voice Communications

Integrated Communications Management

Integrated Scope & Change Control Management

Release Schedule Management

Program Financial Management

System & Business Process Capture

Requirements & Field Mapping Catalog

Integrated Time & Expense Management

Integrated RAID Management

Sales Opportunity Management (For Consulting Companies)

Integrated Data Governance Management

Integrated Data Validation Management

Integrated Data Cleansing Management

Integrated Source To Target Mapping for Data Conversions and Integrations

Deployment & Cutover Execution Platform

Auditable Approval Management

Integrated Content Management

Integrated Defect Management

Integrated Business Process Flow with integrated Job Roles

Integrated Help Desk Management

Integrated Mobile App