AMIGO by Platinum PMO

AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and business functions a company needs to deliver their enterprise digital transformation initiatives on time, on budget, and with the value promised in their original business case.


Governance is an oversight function aligned with the organization’s governance model, which encompasses the program or project life cycle. It’s the driving force of the AMIGO platform.

Here are the modules within AMIGO that fall under this auspice.

Action Items

The action items module within the AMIGO platform is centric to the meeting and minutes module, to ensure whatever action items that were agreed upon within a specified meeting, are not lost in translation. 

Change Request Log

Sometimes plans may go awry, askew, even sideways. When this occurs, there is a proper, rigid, governance-oriented way to ensure that the impact to other aspects of a program or project is not affected, while proper documentation is achieved with a stringent approval process in order to ensure this is not done without provocation. 

Communications Register

No program or project can be accomplished without proper communication. The communications register within the AMIGO platform is a tool that can integrate a communication plan, and its associated individuals (within a RACI matrix) that will be tasked with carrying out the plan. The register is the oversight mechanism that will allow for program or project optics, its definition of stakeholders, and or workstreams to target to as well. One source of truth! 


The creation of gates is a project-level module that allows for the naming, description, phase, or milestone application within the AMIGO platform. It is applicable to the governance, and the operational readiness cutover processes portions of the platform. 

Gate Metrics & Results

This module is a project-level addendum to a specific gate (that is assigned within this module). Definition of specific metric, readiness metric, source, measurement, area and group associations, results (minimum and actual), documented evidence provide clarity throughout this process. 

Issue Log

Often within programs or projects, an issue will arise. This can be minimal impact, or impactful enough to escalate and change requests. In order to meet proper governance and documentation, risk assessment, and or resolution, this module provides a robust area to accomplish this. Within the AMIGO platform, everything is tied together, assuring disconnection does not take place. This is an outstretch of the solidifying nature of the platform. 

Key Decisions

On the program level of the AMIGO platform, reside this module to track, vet, and approve or reject key decisions impacting the program itself. This provides a level of documentation in order for a viable audit path during or post initiative. 

Lessons Learned

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, or so they say. This module is one for allowing the missteps, mistakes, or misfires to be well documented, that an organization may learn and not repeat the past in terms of ignorance. This AMIGO platform module is a valuable tool for budgeting and planning for the next program or project. 

Measures & Metrics

The points or milestones that will bring value and or how the organization will value the goals set, as well as if the plan is congruent to the initial goals, and or if the goals (or plan itself) need to be modified. 

Meeting Minutes

The proper way to document attendance, topics, action items, and decisions is located within this module of the AMIGO platform. 


AMIGO in its nature is methodology agnostic. Meaning that multiple methodologies can be applied within the platform (more succinctly referring to programs) that allow for efficient direction for any program. Methodologies can be input into the platform, or an organization can leverage the methodology templates created for and by Platinum PMO. 

Methodology Activity

In this module within AMIGO, there is the ability to associate a methodology (defined earlier) to a specific grouping. Giving clarity to the activity phase, purpose, key activities, and procedures, general inputs and outputs, that associate to specific work package types. 

Program Dictionary

A repository for everything related to your program or projects. You are able to utilize the PMI standard set of terms or add your organization’s specific terms as they relate to your needs. 

Risk Register

Risk management is something that will yield tremendous value when done properly, and something that can kill your program if not managed. The AMIGO platform provides this meticulous module in order to state, evaluate and place validated contingency plans should the risk be realized. 


A deep bench application with integrated documentation, workflow approvals, change notifications, and audit compliance for a stronger program or project governance.

Integrated Organizational Transformation Management

Benefits Realization Management

Integrated Audio & Video Instruction

Artificial Intelligence (For Identifying Potential Problems)

Integrated Methodology

Integrated Test Management

Application System Management

Portfolio Management

Integrated Critical Chain Program Planning

Resource Allocations Planning

Integrated Traceability Matrix

Integrated RACI data

Integrated Skype Voice Communications

Integrated Communications Management

Integrated Scope & Change Control Management

Release Schedule Management

Program Financial Management

System & Business Process Capture

Requirements & Field Mapping Catalog

Integrated Time & Expense Management

Integrated RAID Management

Sales Opportunity Management (For Consulting Companies)

Integrated Data Governance Management

Integrated Data Validation Management

Integrated Data Cleansing Management

Integrated Source To Target Mapping for Data Conversions and Integrations

Deployment & Cutover Execution Platform

Auditable Approval Management

Integrated Content Management

Integrated Defect Management

Integrated Business Process Flow with integrated Job Roles

Integrated Help Desk Management

Integrated Mobile App