AMIGO by Platinum PMO

AMIGO is the platform that connects all of the people, processes, and business functions a company needs to deliver their enterprise digital transformation initiatives on time, on budget, and with the value promised in their original business case.


Data is paramount in understanding what an organization is doing, should be doing, and when it is aggregated, organized, and made in understandable formatting. But moreover, within a program, project, or initiative, it is an asset that must be treated with detailed acumen and the utmost in governance and accountability.

Here are the modules within AMIGO that fall under this auspice.


Understanding your systems (both current and future state) is essential. Within the AMIGO platform, this is created at the program level. Defining the name and description, type, disposition, if to be decommissioned, and if yes, when is a step in creating less technical debt within an organization. 

Data Tables

A Data Table is any display of information in tabular form, with rows and/or columns named.  Information stored in a series of logically grouped and integrated data tables in known as a database We use AMIGO to define all data tables that are associated to the current-state and future-state systems that are in scope or will be impacted by the scope of our Program(s) and/or Portfolio(s) The categorical defining and logging of your data tables is tedious but essential in understanding the true nature of your data and the business processes that are truly applicable. Not to mention the security and governance that an organization is culpable for, if not regulated by governing bodies. The AMIGO platform allows for the definition, logging, and association of the tables within legible, usable formatting with governance at the forefront. 

Data Fields

A Data Field is the individual type of data that you want to store in your data table (e.g. column header in your spreadsheet).  Data fields are essential in the comprehension and development of complex systems within an organization. It will give insight into business processes, as well as potential overlap and inefficiencies that might be undetected. The AMIGO platform allows for a detailed environment for this to be logged, categorized, and associated with other variables such as:  

  • The type of data (numeric, alphabetic, date, currency, etc.) 
  • The field length of the data 
  • A definition of the field 
    Data Cleansing Tracker

    AMIGO’s Data Cleansing Tracker represents the project tracking of current legacy data that cannot be corrected through data migration transformation and subsequently has to be manually corrected in the legacy environment or temporary staging environment This project-level module within the AMIGO platform is designed to track the data cleansing efforts to a granular level. Multiple trackers may be created and or used, based on the data cleansing process you wish to track. Defining the stakeholder groups, deliverables, timeline, and more, this toolset gives an auditable path for ensuring proper governance and documentation is accomplished. 

    Data Mapping Register

    The Data Mapping Register is special functionality that is used in data migration and interface design to help a user document the transformation of data from one system to another.  Without proper mapping, data is just a confusing blip of digital ether. Within the AMIGO platform, this module allows for the detailed mapping for each specific information field that needs to move from one system to another. The essential associations throughout the data journey comprise this useful resource for any enterprise-scale initiative. 

    Data Mapping Rules

    What would mapping be without the rules to coincide or guide and direct? Here within the AMIGO platform, this module allows a user to create logic rules associated with each data mapping register record to instruct a program developer on how to transform field-level data from one system to another;  giving further insight and understanding of what your data truly is and its unrealized potential value. 

    Data Migration Execution Statistics

    Data Migration Execution Statistic is special functionality that allows the user to create statistics for all of the data migration execution activities that took place during a data migration.  From extract and validation, transformation, and validation, the migration of an organization’s data is intrinsically evaluated within this AMIGO platform module. Pass, fail, it is all exceptionally well documented. 

    Data Domains

    The ability to define a data domain, with description, associate its owner, steward, and publisher is a value proposition many within enterprise digital transformation initiatives have yearned for, and now within the AMIGO platform, that yearning is realized. 

    Data Quality Rules

    What is acceptable? What is not? Data cleansing and quality is a tricky, tedious, and oft difficult proposition. Set the rules and percentages within this module to ensure that program, project, and even organization-wide, there are standards to data quality. 

    Strategic Datum

    What is the business description, definition, number of tables, and other vital aspects tied to an organization’s data;  specifically, that data that drives business value? This module within the AMIGO platform is one source of truth that gives insight and value to your business driven data. 


    A deep bench application with integrated documentation, workflow approvals, change notifications, and audit compliance for a stronger program or project governance.

    Integrated Organizational Transformation Management

    Benefits Realization Management

    Integrated Audio & Video Instruction

    Artificial Intelligence (For Identifying Potential Problems)

    Integrated Methodology

    Integrated Test Management

    Application System Management

    Portfolio Management

    Integrated Critical Chain Program Planning

    Resource Allocations Planning

    Integrated Traceability Matrix

    Integrated RACI data

    Integrated Skype Voice Communications

    Integrated Communications Management

    Integrated Scope & Change Control Management

    Release Schedule Management

    Program Financial Management

    System & Business Process Capture

    Requirements & Field Mapping Catalog

    Integrated Time & Expense Management

    Integrated RAID Management

    Sales Opportunity Management (For Consulting Companies)

    Integrated Data Governance Management

    Integrated Data Validation Management

    Integrated Data Cleansing Management

    Integrated Source To Target Mapping for Data Conversions and Integrations

    Deployment & Cutover Execution Platform

    Auditable Approval Management

    Integrated Content Management

    Integrated Defect Management

    Integrated Business Process Flow with integrated Job Roles

    Integrated Help Desk Management

    Integrated Mobile App